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Crone - Script Scheduler

I wrote Crone because just about every hosting company I've ever dealt with either wouldn't let me run cronetab or made a big deal out of it. Crone can schedule your scripts to run once an hour, once a day, once a month, or every so many visitors. If you want, it will even email you and tell you when its done and what scripts it ran. Best of all Crone can be installed in a matter of minutes and will run on virtually any server* with cgi capabilities.

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Upload It - File Upload Script

Upload It makes it quick and easy for visitors or clients to send you files by uploading them to your web site. Features include the ability to optionally restrict file types, email the webmaster with a list of uploaded files, and/or create a log file listing uploaded files. For security reasons the location of all uploaded files is kept hidden (It can even be on a different server!). This script is ideal for adult webmasters or any one else who wants to allow visitors to be able to easily upload content.

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Junk STOP - Anonamous Webmaster's Email  Free Script

Ok, you've tried just about everything to prevent spam bots from collecting your email address and sending you a mountain of junk email. Even using FormMail doesn't work because your email address can still be found on your web site and spam bots are getting smarter every day. Junk STOP is a simple form to email script that has the webmaster's email address embedded in the script and therefore inaccessible to robots.

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Image Sentinel - Hot Link Protection

Image Sentinel was designed to put and end to the hot linking of images. Image sentinel not only prevents other sites from linking directly to your images but also hides the location of your images, making it impossible for anyone to access your hard won content without going through YOUR web site. A visitor following someone else's link to one of your images can optionally be sent back where they came from or redirected to a page of your choosing (e.g. your sign up page or links page or Yahoo for that matter.)

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Count 'n Send - Get Your Hits by Email

This is a simple hidden counter which can be called through either an image tag or SSI. It will not only keep track of your visitors by day, month and year but will send you an email giving you the previous days totals.

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*  None of these scripts have yet been tested on NT.